Meet Judy Free

Today, travelling the world is easier than ever – and the world is right on our fingertips. After all, we are the social media generation. We are the free-thinkers and the rule breakers, the hyper-enthusiastic, switched-on, ‘look-at-me’ YouTube generation, with Instagram feeds that are categorised for both branding and personal purposes.

We can communicate with thousands of friends from all over the world using just our thumbs. We have countless avenues for self-expression, and an infinite digital audience willing to pay attention. Plus, whenever we feel the need to quench our thirst for adventure, we know that it’s as easy as clicking ‘book now’.

So if you are looking for a little adventure, join me — Judy Free — as I circumnavigate the wonderful world of travel retail; and exploring some of the world’s best airports, through their digital platforms that is.

I’ll be exploring each of the airports’ websites, their product ranges, activations, and restaurant offerings (a girl’s gotta eat!). I will also be offering up some jet-setting travel tips for both virtual and real life travellers; and if some duty free shopping happens along the way, then all the better. Because after all, the world is literally at our fingertips, and our next big adventure is always just a click away.

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