Introducing Maison Lancôme, your new Spring Fragrance

Still looking for your spring scent? Then look no further. Because Lancôme and Dubai Duty Free have partnered exclusively to pre-launch Maison Lancôme, the brand’s new French garden inspired luxury private collection of perfumes, from the 1st of March until the 30th of April 2019. 

Can you imagine a scene more picturesque than that of a French garden tableau? An image that has captivated the minds of many a renaissance man, and particularly that of Lancôme’s founder, Armand Petitjean. So much so that the perfectly manicured gardens at Lancôme’s plantation in Chevilly, was once known as the ‘Versailles of Perfumery,’ and Armand’s own country gardens in his private home in Les Vaillères were a constant source of floral and olfactory inspiration for the legendary perfumer over the years. 

It is this love for the natural beauty of French gardens and the elegant art of French living that have inspired Lancôme’s new luxury collection of fragrances. The collection captivates the senses with a profusion of delicate colours and scents, and teams up with the finest perfumers from all over France. From the saccharine notes of the French Riviera’s Figues & Agrumes, the evocative aromas of Magnolia Trees, the richness of Patchouli notes, and the soft femininity of Peony petals — each of the fragrances represents a unique interpretation of the quintessential French garden, albeit for the woman of 2019. 

Maison Lancôme is exclusively available in Dubai Duty Free until 30th of April, 2019