Enter the World’s Largest Jar of Crème de la Mer

In the world of skincare, there is nothing more luxurious than La Mer. Undeniably one of the most transformative products in the market, La Mer is the metaphorical beauty equivalent to a ‘pot of gold’ but instead of gold, what you get is a ‘pot of miraculous cell-renewing healing elixir’. And hey — who can really put a value on great skincare these days? 

Pardon the pun, but in my opinion, Crème de la Mer is the ‘creme de la creme’ of luxury face creams. This Miracle Broth™ was born from 12 years of innovation and experimentation by Dr. Max Huber, who after suffering severe burns, went about creating the ultimate skincare product. A delicate concoction of sea-sourced renewing energies, sea kelp, and a pioneering bio-fermentation process; Crème de la Mer is hailed as the ultimate face cream. Universally rhapsodised by skincare gods the world over — and with good reason!

Mr. Perry Liu and top tier local and Asia Pacific influencers
World’s largest Crème de la Mer jar at T Galleria Beauty by DFS, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

If, like me, you’ve ever wondered what kind of age-defying, skin healing, miracles occurred in a pot of Crème de la Mer – worry no more, because the world’s largest Crème de La Mer jar has landed in Hong Kong’s T Galleria Beauty by DFS. The (literally) larger than life installation at Hysan Place is home to an immersive behind-the-scenes look at the legendary skincare brand, and is open from March 1-10, 2019. 

Imagine leaving the hustle and bustle of Causeway Bay and suddenly being transported into the soothing oceanic realm of Crème de la Mer. Amidst chromatic deep sea sounds and lighting, guests discover a multi-sensory journey through La Mer’s five distinct moisture textures – rich, soft, sheer, balanced, and cool. Each texture is creatively represented in different interactive installations, while guests can also capture their special La Mer moments the Crème de La Mer wall. In so many words, this exhibition does to its visitors what Crème de La Mer does to your skin — it tantalises. 

Finally, in the spirit of attaining our best skin ever, La Mer’s skincare artistry experts are also on hand for bespoke skin consultations. Because if you’ve ever travelled long-haul, you know that there is nothing more important than arriving hydrated no matter where your destination. 

Pro Tip: If you do find yourself visiting the world’s largest Crème de la Mer Jar in T Galleria Beauty by DFS at Causeway Bay, don’t forget to claim your luxury travel trunk case with a minimum purchase. Oh and did I mention you could personalise it too? 

Judy’s Favourite Things 

1.Crème de la Mer 2. The Renewal Oil 3. The Concentrate